Kent State Shootings

The Kent State shootings, also known as May 4 or the Kent State massacre, occurred at Kent State University in the city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of students by the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970. The altercation killed four students and wounded nine others.



For the final Exam-
Refine/Expand and re-submit either video project (mapping or hyper reality) you completed this semester. You may use this opportunity to:

(A) make much needed changes on the original video project (maybe some changes brought to you attention during the crit) or
(B) you may use this time to take your project into another direction (maybe a direction that was not part of the original assignment)

Hand in your final video (and any additional re-submissions) as a DVD with your name and semester/class title written with sharpie on the disk.

Make sure you have a spell checked, well written artist statement for each project ON your blog.


Videos for Mondays Crit

Ed Wiggers

Click here

Steve Hanson

Click here

Melissa Antes

Click here

Josh Kopstein

Click here

Ryan Allgeier

Click here

Graham Stacey

Click here

Martin Falvey

Click here

Jenette Liss

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Chris Ewsuk

Click here

Gavin Mevius

Click here

Sarah Gorton

Click here

Tom Hamilton

Click here

Heather Feenaughty

Click here

Jon Gilbert

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Jessica Hint

Click here


Click here

Blake D

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Allie B

Click here

Kevin B

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timetable for "hyperreality"

Monday April 10th-storyboards due, final conceptualization of project due also. Start shooting video.
NOTE: All cells must have descriptions! 4 pages min. for storyboards.

Wed. April 12-have all of your video footage shot and imported into computer

Monday April 17th-No class
Wed. April 19th- workday (greenscreen demo)

Friday April 21 podcast ready copy of final video uploaded

weekend homework-watch/crit class videos prior to Mondays class.

Monday April 24th Crit.

Wed. April 26 Crit-handout final assignment


Copy right/left

Intellectual Property Law Primer for multimedia artists

Intellectual Property-by Negativeland

What is fari use?

Creative Commons

Illegal Art Exhibition



Homwwork and Hyperreality Links

Homework: Due next class the 22nd

I want you to write out a short description of the ideas and inspirations for this project. You will then have a structure to work with and you can also use this as your artist statement that you are required to turn in with your completed project.
(post this to your blog)

Hyperrealism is a symptom of postmodern culture. Hyperreality does not "exist" or "not exist." It is simply a way of describing the information to which the consciousness is subject


Jean Baudrillard is a cultural theorist, philosopher, and sociologist. His work is frequently associated with postmodernism Hyperreality.



Video Crit. Homework due Mon.march 20th

Today we will look at each students DVD mapping project.
Your homework:

Critique another students work and use Audio Blog to post to Media Arts Critspace.

Make sure that you include:

A. Your Name and Class
B. Whose project you are critiquing

Use the following guidelines in your critique. Avoid vague phrases like " I like your project" or "its cool"
Be specific! and be Honest!

1. CONCEPT - idea, intention and meaning.
Does the artwork clearly communicate something to other viewers?

2. CREATIVITY - originality of thought and expression.
Does the artwork show innovation and uniqueness? Did the artist solve the given assignment problem in an expected or unexpected way?

3. COMPOSITION - arrangement and organization of elements.
Has the artist carefully considered elements such as balance, proportion, texture, color, shape, and positive/negative space and user navigation?

4. CRAFTSMANSHIP - attention to detail.
Does the artist skillfully construct the work? Are all details carefully finished and/or intentional-looking?


DVD project hand in on Wed. March 8th by the end of class.

The Due date for your completed DVD has been pushed back from Moday the 6th to the end of class on Wed the 8th.

This week I will go over the process of burning your DVD. There are quicktime tutorials on the server that ocver this and much much more.

Remeber to write your name, title of project, date on the DVD with a sharpie marker (use a sharpie and nothing else) place DVD in a scratch proof folder or jewel case.

DVDs that are not labeled clearly and completely will not be accepted.
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